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Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen 2GB must be the best innovation for those at school or at work. You will no longer miss a word in classes or meetings anymore because Livescribe Pen helps you record everything (200-hour audio) you write and listen simultaneously, with its infrared camera, built-in computer and other great applications. It lets you revise notes and replay audios easily. You can even share them with your friends or colleagues by email, Facebook and Livescribe Community. Livescribe Pen works well with both Windows and Mac. It is a must-have tool to maximize your productivity. International 90-day Warranty. Pretty Smart!

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Livescrible Smart Pen Awards:
- Best of What's New 2008 by Popular Science
- 2008 Breakthrough Award by Popular Mechanics
- 93 Superior by PCWorld

Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen 2GB Review

I received the Livescribe Smart Pen as my birthday present by my uncle. I was a bit disappointed because the Pen reminds me I have to spend much more time on my study. But after using it for 2 weeks, I love this present very much.

Of course, just like what is stated on its advertisement, it can record everything digitally, including sound and hand written notes. This simple task can actually be done by many other similar digital pen products on the market.

But the feature I love the most is that, by touching a word in my notes, I can hear clearly everything that was happening at that time. That is just like that I can have the lecture once more time. Sometimes the lecturers talk too fast and the Pen enables me to slow down the speed of their speaking. The time I spend on revision is lesser than before because the Pen helps me understand more what has been taught in class.

The Pen is now popular among my friends, especially for those who are not always paying attention in class.

One day my friend asked me for the notes. Since there is a desktop software provided with the Pen, I can upload all of my notes to my computer. This feature really saved our time. I need not lend my notes to my friend and wait one or two days for her to copy them and return to me. Instead, I could just send my notes to her through email. After she experienced the notes and recordings, she bought a Livescribe Pen herself. And now both of us can easily share learning material online whenever we like.

There is also some other funny feature in the Pen. I can draw a piano and even play the piano on the notes. The sound will be produced by the Pen. It refreshes me when I am bored by the lecture notes.

I would recommend my friends to buy the Livescribe Smart Pen or at least have a try. Although the Pen requires special paper to upload the notes but its price is reasonable. The Pen helps me use my time productively. I no longer have to call my friends when I do not understand what is being taught, because I can listen to my lecturer’s voice as many times as I want. I think the Pen bring benefit not only to students, but also to other professions like lawyers, journalist and doctors.